Download AVG Antivirus for Android (Smartphone & Tablet)

Whilst considering the products from AVG for the Android distributions, the company offers the users with plethora of security, antivirus, and performance-optimizing apps, counting the Free AVG Antivirus for Android, AVG VPN, AVG Cleaner for Xperia, Free Antivirus for Tablet, Tablet AntiVirus Security Pro, and Antivirus Pro Android Security, which can easily be downloaded and installed from the Google Play app store.

The AVG AntiVirus for Android assists the users to guard against destructive malware and viruses, keeps sensitive and personal data secure and comes packed with features like the Wi-Fi Security Scan, Photo Vault, and the Application Permission Advisor. The antivirus app is entirely free to download from the Google Play Store and has been downloaded above 100 million times.

Furthermore, the company provides the AVG AntiVirus for Android Pro version. The AVG Antivirus Pro features are moreover provided with the 30 days free trial as soon as you install it. Make sure that you download it from the trusted official page of AVG Antivirus so as to get the best results.

Free AVG Antivirus for Android – Test Results

Free AVG Antivirus Security for Android

The AVG Antivirus for Android has been tested by the security experts and as soon as the application is installed, it succeeded in detecting and effectively eliminating a majority malware and virus infections. It also took decent care of malicious downloads and chokes the phishing and harmful websites so that your machine is free from infections and unwanted content.

As per the past tests directed in the month of May 2018, the AVG Antivirus features the ideal malware discovery rates and spotted 100% of both, the newest Android malware at present and the modern-day Android malware revealed in the recent times to assure you of up-to-date malware and virus protection.

With all that being tested, AVG Antivirus for Android 2019 provides users with dependable antivirus security and is adept at defending users against numerous kinds of attacks online. The application comes equipped with the twin-engine antivirus scanner to help in scanning games, application, and files. Additionally, it has the capability to scan the websites for online threats, and Wi-Fi network for encryption, Captive Portal, and password strength.

AVG for Android – Added Features

Being free to download software application, the Free AVG Antivirus for Android delivers a quite decent package of Performance, Protection, Privacy, and Anti-Theft features. The protection features comprise Web Protection, a dual-engine antivirus scanner, which is well-matched with the Wi-Fi Scanner and Google Chrome to top-of-the line protection and offer a secure online environment.

Performance features is going to enhance and enhance your device’s performance and lengthen the life of the battery by switching off the settings that make the battery drain quickly, switch off the processes and tasks, which tend to lag your phone, clean up the excessive files, and gets the storage space freed and keeps a regular check on the upload and download Wi-Fi speed for added convenience.

In case your device is missing or been stolen, its Anti-Theft feature has the capability to trace your device through Google Maps, locks your device, and sets a message on the lock screen, upshots a siren on your device. It might as well check your contacts, call logs and text messages distantly, and keeps your device and SD card well in shape.

As a final point, its privacy permits the users to conceal the private photos through a password-secure Photo Vault and the Call Blocker offers protection against the spammers, and the App Permissions permits the users to get an insight of the permission level.

Furthermore, the Pro features are provided for the 30-days trial as well, which comprises the full-featured real-time security and added Anti-Theft, Privacy, and Optimization features for the best online and offline protection against potential threats and infections.

System Performance

While considering the impacts and usability of the system and its performance, we weren’t able to come across any lags or delays whilst using any device such as a tablet or smartphone defended by the Free AVG Antivirus for Android. In addition, the application doesn’t even have any influence the battery life or whilst normal usage. Further, AVG Antivirus doesn’t even induce a lot of traffic either.

Scanning Performance

AVG Antivirus was also tested for the quality of scanning; it was witnessed that the scans were fast and smooth. Users may select the apps, files, and games to scan to detect potential threats. The comprehensive system scan took a tad more time in comparison to the customized or regular scan, which is marginally lengthier in comparison to the average market standards. With all being said, the scans are precise, helpful, and run quite smoothly.

Customer Support

AVG offers Android users a really detailed website, where you might be able to catch all the FAQs associated with the Android products. Moreover, AVG provides paid 24×7 Tech Support for every single device.

AVG User Interface

Free AVG Antivirus for Android comes with a pretty modest and stress-free to traverse UI. The primary window offers all the details regarding the threats perceived all through the last scan and permits the users to execute the complete system scan. Supplementary features given on the primary window comprises the Check Speed, Boost Ram, Lock Apps, and Clean Junk features. Furthermore, its side menu is also easy to comprehend and navigate. Although AVG Antivirus Free for Android seems to be contemporary and striking, it does not comprise all those frills meant for visual appeal.