How to Download AVG 2020 Antivirus – A Complete Guide

If you are looking for a solution to protect your computers from malware, Trojans, spyware and all types of viruses, look no further. With AVG antivirus you can always have your devices safeguarded. In this post, you will see everything related to this vaccine against the threats that are online.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition is free software as its name suggests. AVG for its acronym Antivirus Guard, is a software to stop and eliminate malicious programs. This antivirus does the job very well, and handling of this software is easy. The interface is in English, and once set, you will have nothing to do; updates are done automatically (and yes, an antivirus that is not up to date is useless!). You can access the program download from the official AVG website. Be aware that you can also install AVG on your smartphone.

It was developed thanks to a Czech company called AVG Technologies. And it has become available for different operating systems. For example, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Its main feature is that it consumes very few resources, which makes it ideal for computers with little power. Among the options that have the free version, we have the basics: antivirus, spyware, and analysis of links, downloads and mail attachments.

This antivirus is effective in detecting threats and eliminating them. Also, it is able to interrupt any program that is malicious and is trying to place itself on your hard drive. 

Features of the AVG 2020 Antivirus

AVG antivirus highlights most of the common functions accessible in up to date antivirus and Internet safety programs, including cyclic scans, scans of emails sent and received (including the addition of page attachments to emails indicating this), the ability to repair some files infected by viruses, and a virus vault where infected files are saved, and a simile to a quarantine zone. Below are few of features of AVG 2020 antivirus:

Guaranteed Protection for your PC

AVG Antivirus Free Edition is a first-level antivirus. Its engine is among the most famous in the sector, at the same height as Avast or Avira. The different tools offered are able to protect your PC from all types of threats, while its low consumption of resources and its excellent analysis speed make it an ideal candidate for those who do not have a state-of-the-art computer.

Detects & Stops Viruses, Threats, and Malware

An excellent and easy-to-use protection that everyone needs. AVG Antivirus job is to stop viruses before they even enter your computer. It check the files before you open them, the Face book links before you click on them, the email before you receive them, and the websites before you visit them.

Includes: Antivirus, AntiMalware (AVG Resident Protection), AVG Anti-Rootkit, AVG Email Scanner, AVG Protective Cloud Technology, AVG Community Protection Network, AVG LinkScanner Surf-Shield, Social Network Protection AVG

Stops Links and Unsafe Files

Advanced defence that permits you to share files securely. Sometimes it’s good to get what you’re not expecting and other times it’s not. This software verify files before you download and share them, even when using instant messaging, to ensure they are safe

Includes Free Protection for Mobile Devices

Essential protection for your Android device. This software would all be lost without our mobile phone, and if you use yours the same way you use your computer, it is vital to protect it as well. That’s why it does not matter what kind of protection you choose for your computer because it also gets free protection for the mobile device.

Helps Ensure Faster Equipment Operation

Faster analysis and faster equipment, because antivirus should never slow down your computer. This software is all worried that when we install things on our equipment, their performance will be affected. This software makes sure not to slow down its operation at any time.

AVG Internet Security: To obtain indestructible protection, users can upgrade to AVG Internet Security, which also stops hacker attacks, protects private data and payment operations.

• Protection against hacker attacks: Prevents cybercriminals from accessing files, photos and private passwords of users.

• Private data protection: Allows users to encrypt and hide their most private photos and files or permanently delete unwanted information.

• Protection of online payments: It is ideal for browsing, making purchases or protecting banking operations. Block spam and scams; It also helps users avoid fake websites to prevent them from accidentally reporting their passwords or credit card numbers to criminals. It uses Avast Secure DNS to protect online payments and includes an Anti-Spam feature.

• New Secure DNS feature: Verifies the IP address of websites through secure DNS servers to ensure that the user does not redirect to fake websites when making purchases or online banking, therefore, is protected against frauds, scams and phishing.

AVG TuneUp: Users can enjoy a variety of new and improved features:

• Automatic Software Updater: AVG TuneUp uses its primary strengths of unnecessary file cleaning and PC performance improvement through patented technologies to update commonly used applications, such as Skype, Adobe reader, Flash and Chrome, automatically and automatically. Silently in the background. AVG customers can choose to perform updates automatically or carry them out manually, when they choose.

• Standby mode: AVG TuneUp’s patented and improved Standby technology allows you to increase speed by suspending unused applications and executing only those that are necessary. This reduces battery and network consumption to a minimum so that PCs can function as if they had just been released.

Good Detection Performance

There will also be an improvement in the impact on system performance compared to previous versions. The detection performance has never fully convinced, but there is a clear trend of improvement over this point over the versions. 

Note: During installation, AVG Antivirus Free Edition automatically installs AVG tools and defaults to the AVG search engine. Bulky, these options will certainly not be to everyone’s taste. It will then be necessary to select a “custom” installation of the software.

AVG Antivirus 2020: Packages & Add-ons

AVG Antivirus has numerous offers for its users or consumers. The free version of AVG Antivirus is sufficiently potent but if you require getting more urbane safety, ruminate acquiring one of those paid plans from AVG. It is significant to note that there is solely a free antivirus package accessible for Mac, and it’s somewhat rudimentary. It is going to defend you from the spyware, viruses, spontaneously and would avert the malicious websites. In case you require anything more progressive, you may reflect on the antiviruses that come with paid solutions for Mac.

In the meantime, AVG provides 3 primary antivirus packages for Windows. They are correspondingly great in blocking the viruses and different sorts of malware; every single one of them is going to block the apprehensive items and would scan your PC for any sort of performance glitches. The fundamental package is free similar to that available for Mac.

Coupled up with AVG’s paid package, you would get an improved firewall, webcam security with an added coat of ransomware defense of your documents. In addition, there is superior phishing security with the plan, which signifies that your banking details are going to be secure. You can also defend an indefinite quantity of PCs with a single subscription. Additionally, the paid version of AVG Pro for Android is also provided with the package.

The consumers having the top AVG Ultimate plan get the cutting-edge antivirus and TuneUp deal that is also retailed distinctly. They might as well utilize the live chat or customer support which isn’t available with the plans provided at cheaper rates. The AVG Ultimate can be utilized on unlimited PCs and devices running on either Android or Mac.